So many places to visit, so many delicious things to eat. Where to start, in a strange, new city? These nifty guides take visitors through the potentially bewildering process of finding authentic eats, across a variety of destinations. With a focus on what to eat, as much as where to eat, IN 12 DISHES will appeal to food-centric travellers who desire meaningful dining experiences across the gamut.

The core assumption is that travellers want to plunge headfirst into local staples - iconic dishes that define a place. They want pad thai in Bangkok, bun cha in Hanoi, pao mo in Xi'an, shojin ryori in Kyoto and assam laksa in Penang. But...where to find the best?

Highlighting 12 must-eat dishes, with meaty information on where to find them, there's more than enough to give travellers the food heads-up. Depending on the city, there are features on cooking schools, regional restaurants, great cafes, food markets, day trips, walking tours and local eating etiquette.

Gorgeously photographed and written in a snappy, engaging style, IN 12 DISHES is the indispensable guide for food-obsessed travellers.

For further details and a look inside the guides… click on the cover image! Bangkok coming late 2019/early 2020.

“These guides pack a punch” — National Geographic Traveller